Hearthstone: Magenifique Deck 4 – Never Ignore 2 Sorcerer's Apprentices!

Mage vs Shaman! The Shaman played a very typical Shaman game, but made the bitter mistake of not acting on my two Sorcerer’s Apprentices. Well, I didn’t make it easy for the Shaman either, but it was an unusually rushed game for a Mage. Worth the watch!

The Hearthstone Magenifique Deck keeps some of the best cards available for the Mage class and adds cards that enables one to keep the board somewhat under control. This deck is most powerful at late game, so it requires that the board is kept relatively clean. It’s one of my favorite decks and I’ve had a lot of fun with it, but as with any other deck, it’s not infallible.

The stars of this deck are “Archmage Antonidas”, “Alexstrasza”, “Malygos”, “Ysera” and “Faceless Manipulator” – which makes this deck so interesting when one is lucky enough to draw it in the right moment.


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