Instructions for installing the game Age of Empires I: Definitive Edition.

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Instructions for installing the strategy game Age of Empires I: Definitive Edition here is an upgrade from the old version. Graphics in the game can be up to 4K resolution (Depending on computer configuration). Age of Empires (translation: Age of Empires) is a series of computer games developed by #Ensemble_Studios and released by #Microsoft_Game_Studios. The first version of this game series was #Age_of_Empires, which was released in 1997. Since then, seven similar versions and three games have been released. The versions are real-time strategy (strategy) games, and their gameplay revolves around two main game modes: map and random campaign. This game is to compete with a game that is #Civilization. In Vietnamese, it is simply referred to as #Empire (pronounced Em-pai-o or Em-rai) or also called the Empire game.
The game is set between historical events. Age of Empires focuses on events in Europe and Asia, spanning from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, expansion games explore the formation and expansion of the Roman Empire.
Age of Empires, or commonly referred to as the Empire (AoE – Age of Empires), is a real-time strategy game, running on personal computers. Empire The era of empires as a head of an ancient civilization. Civilization progressed through four periods (Prehistory, Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age). There are 12 civilizations: #Greek, #Minoan, #Egyptian, #Assyrian, #Sumerian, #Babylonian, #Phoenicia, #Hittites, #Persian, #Shang, #Choson, #Yamato, #Carthaginian, #Palmyran, #Roman , #Macedonian.
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