Minecraft: Nephrite World 012 – "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

Mods: Nephrite Mod Pack –

Server (Nephrite Server):

Want to join the server – find out how, here:

Address –
Port – 25565 (default)

Quartztenstein’s Nephrite World Series:

Lycanite’s Nephrite World Series:

Teacosymagician’s Nephrite World Series:

Music Used;

Intro and Outro Music: Paper Turtles by Andrew Riley can be found here

Other Music used by Kevin MacLeod.

My twitter: (don’t forget the underscore)



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  • thats a very nice chair

    J!nkX July 23, 2020 9:00 am Reply
  • When I try to get on my mods are all downloaded and it says 47/49 mods present and I don't know what to do…? Do you know kashi?

    gabriellajoliee July 23, 2020 9:00 am Reply
    Also, it doesn't look nearly as weird as it does on my skin… I have goggles over my hood 😛

    Blattella July 23, 2020 9:00 am Reply
  • I love the labels on the jars, its a must for me 🙂

    Datazyt July 23, 2020 9:00 am Reply

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