School of Wizardry: The Apprentice mage (Classic Mage PvP)

These are clips from my first month playing PvP as Mage, so I’m just having fun learning to play mage, don’t expect greatness ! This is the first video of this series, all the clips for the second video are already captured so stay tuned for the next episodes! 🙂

The goal is to have progressively better and better quality clips skill wise and these clips actually help me see my weaknesses.
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Can’t wait for WoW Classic!

Server has Naxx gear available

Gear/Items used:
Rank 10 Mage PvP Set
Blade of Vaulted Secrets / Some clips I have the Wraith blade
Skull of Impending Doom
Goblin rocket helm
Mind Quickening Gem
Shadow Reflector
Iron / Thorium Grenades

Greatwizard’s Deep frost PvP Spec –

LunaUnitFrames (UI + enemy cast bars)
BattleGround Enemies (enemy frame on the right)
Item Rack (to change equipment without going through inventory or going to character panel)
Omni Cooldown Count (shows CDs on spell icon)
EzDismount (dismount by casting a spell/using an ability/item)

Peace out !


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  • awesome bro. I subscribed to your channel because I love your videos. Great skill, a question that addons and macros do you use? Greetings and waiting for the next video. regards

    vencejosx July 19, 2020 9:38 pm Reply

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