Sorcerer´s Apprentice ♪ Vain Glory

♪ I wasn´t expecting this video to work fully as it works the “The Wishmaster” one 🙂 But at least it was easier, and I don´t like to spend such time and work doing fanmades with no profits, no credits, and sometimes thrashed and robbed by other people too… but very fun and magical to enjoy. This time I guess I worked more with the lyrics of the song, to create a video related to that. At the end it focus on the relationship between Dave, the glory, and Balthazar with a bit of tragedy.
♪ Precisely, this movie has great characters and Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel´s relationship create good chemistry with their characters.
Also it focus a bit on Horvath´s apprentice, Drake, with the same subject.
Well, something like that.


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  • Excellent clip and my favourite film

    Анжелика Косарева July 13, 2020 2:10 pm Reply

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